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Russian Wife: Her Daily Life

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The average Russian wife wakes up at around 7-8am; depending on her work hours. Plants and factories normally open around 6am and shops open at around 9am. Breakfast is normally quick a sandwich with coffee or tea. Traffic during peak hours, like the morning commute, is very crowded in Russia. The average commute time is 30-90 minutes, depending on the mode of transportation; bus, tram, underground train, etc. Buying a car is normally out of the question because of the expenses. If a family has a car, it is normally the husband who would drive it not the Russian wife.
Using the same public transportation on the way home from work, a Russian wife must also stop to buy the groceries for dinner that night. Russians don't buy groceries weekly like people in the UK do; they buy groceries as they need them. They also have to either bring their own bags or purchase them. Ready-made meals or meals that can be prepared quickly are usually too expensive for the average Russian family. If she has children, she must also stop and pick them up from school. The Russian wife must then carry her bags home and prepare dinner for her family. Russian recipes are normally much more complex than recipes in the UK.
Dining out, going to the movies or out with friends is normally too expensive for the normal Russian family to afford. TV at home for a few hours before bed is a normal activity.

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The normal day in the life of a Russian wife is to just get through the day. They do not have the convenience people have in the UK; things take much longer to accomplish in Russia.
Since women outnumber men in Russia, it is not uncommon for men to cheat on their wives. It is seen as disrespectful if a woman does it, but for men it is honorable. It is not uncommon for women to live with their parents until they get married, and often the young married couple will live with her family until they can afford a place of their own. Things are very expensive in Russia so unless you have a great job and both the man and the woman are working, it is hard to have any extra money.
When bringing a Russian wife to the UK, she will probably enjoy all of the conveniences that are available. It might take a while for her to adapt, but Russians adapt very quickly to an ever changing country so it probably wouldn't be too long. She won't want to change her life completely, but giving her an opportunity to live life instead of just survive it will show her great respect.
So if you're looking for a Russian wife, reading this article will help you to learn more about how things are in the country she comes from. As with anyone you date, it is always good to know more about them before marrying them.

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Russian wife

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